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Incline Village Enhancement fund
enhancing Incline Village
one step at a time

Working Together to

Enhance our Community

At IVEF, we are committed to making our community a better place to live.

Our goal is to improve our local neighborhoods through

various programs and initiatives.

We believe you can play a

vital role in that effort!

Join us today and become part of the IVEF community

Explore the options below!


There are 3 ways you can make a difference!

Picking up Trash.jpg

Play a key Role in keeping
areas free of trash

Choose your route!

Take the initiative and select the street(s) or public area you'd like to maintain.  

Not only will you enhance your neighborhood, but you'll help

save the Lake too!

Planting Flowers 4.jpg

Enhance your
neighborhood: Help us
generate projects

Do you, a group or your organization have an idea that will beautify or improve our village?

 Your interests, talents and skills can make a difference!


Let us help you achieve your goal with our grant program. 



social events

Are you interested in putting on an event for community members?   Whether it's large or small, if it involves connecting with our neighbors, we want to help.

What are your ideas?  

Or, check out some of ours.

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